Refrigerated Trucking Services

A Plus Carriers offers refrigerated trucking services throughout all 48 states with a concentration in Ohio, Pa., Va., Miss., Tenn., Ind., Ky., Mich., Wisc., Ill., Mo., Ark., Ga., Ala., N.C., W.Va., and Texas. We specialize in transporting foods and other perishable items, with our trailer temperatures accommodating fresh and frozen goods.

A Plus Reefer Services

  • Reliable services with newer model trucks and trailers
  • Dependable, on-time delivery
  • Superior attention to detail to ensure product quality
  • Trailer temperatures accommodating fresh and frozen goods
  • Specializing in the transport of food and other perishable goods
  • 24/7 dispatcher available for superior customer service and shipment tracking
  • Real-time tracking app also available for shipment tracking
  • Competitive rates

Authority Numbers

Carrier MC868206 | Carrier DOT2504529