A Plus Freight Logistics,
a Subsidiary of A Plus Carriers

With A Plus Freight Logistics, you get worry-free logistics management and freight brokerage. We can manage the transport of goods throughout the continental U.S., except in California. At A Plus Freight, we believe in “communicate to impress” and “service is everything.” We are dedicated to making each and every shipment move as requested.

Freight Brokerage Services

  • Gain efficiency and speed while cutting costs with an expert broker
  • Worry-free, one-stop shipping as your broker dispatcher handles all logistics management and scheduling appointments
  • Service area is continental U.S., except in California
  • RMIS technology to verify insurance and compatibility
  • Loads posted on Truck Stop and DAT
  • Competitive rates

Authority Numbers

Broker MC1255899 | Broker DOT3647421